RM Monitor App Reviews

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Doesn’t work with newest iPhone update

Please update the app. My iPhone updated and this is no longer compatible

Not good

Half the time the app gets hung up when connecting to servers. Lately when it isn't getting hung up it is not able to connect to the server. The previous version of the app was good and reliable. I've been waiting for an update. Good app when it works


App crashes upon opening every time.

Worst app ever

It works 2% of the time and kicks me off or shuts down the other 98%. A waste of time.

All I need to know when I am not at the restaurant

I can see the sales , who work, which table, which server, what order, who delete, who void, how many hour they work.... Everything in 1 app


Would love to be able to see items on checks. And specifics on individual tables and tabs

Two stores

I have to restaurant running RM but can not view them from this app. Only way is two log in under different user. Chaining does not work. Fix problem.

1.3 junk!

Do not upgrade from 1.2!!! This is broken with an endless load screen- junk- wasting a lot of money with this company

This stinks

V1.3 does not start up and it needs to be fixed quickly or I'll get a new pos


Can not get the new v1.3 to load. What's up?


New version crashes on startup fix this problem asap


Great idea but needs to be developed. Historical needs to be more developed like week to date sales (calendar or fiscal). Should also show net sales. Maybe should also be able to see daily sales journal and cash tray reports.


You get what you pay for. Nothing. No customer support and almost useless instructions for set up. Good idea though.

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